Launched on 21 July 1994, is an e- magazine for theatre, purely centred towards the ascent of the Indian theatre community. It is an effort initiated by writer and director, Sanjay JhaMastan, to broaden the spectrum of the magical light of Indian theatre and its community. Sanjay holds a diploma in Dramatics from the National School of Drama and is an avid supporter and admirer of theatre with some notable contributions in the field. He currently lives and works in Mumbai.

Rangkarm is a platform to access the latest happenings, releases, events and shows that are put forward by the Indian theatre community, across the nation. It is a blog where a sincere supporter or an aspiring follower of Indian theatre, can share views, prospects, perspectives and can also discuss a piece of theatre art or work which has been introduced or is about to be introduced to the audience globally.

This is also an effort to bring the scattered Indian theatre community one step closer, in order to bring forward and acknowledge the new talent, work in collaboration, and appreciate the efforts. The directors, theatre groups and admirers can contribute written articles, reviews and inspirational writings about Indian theatre and related broadcasts to Rangkarm. Individuals and communities can also contribute their skills to improvise Rangkarm initiative by writing at One can connect with the fellow Rangkarmis and know about latest happenings through Facebook and the Rangkarm blog.